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Flagstone patios / Retaining walls
 / Dock building / Material Delivery
Aggregate Delivery / Pier Installation / Debris Removal / Marine Salvage 
General Contracting / Excavation / Platform Rental / Road Grading


Sunset patio with granite steps into lake


New for 2023 - Power rake for road grading and landscape finishing.


Fire pit and retaining wall with granite steps into lake

Fixed Crib Dock

rebuilt crib dock from flood damage

Crib dock

original dock floated away with flood, crib repaired and new surface completed

Dock with double floaters

Rebuilt crib dock with double 8x20 floaters attached

Pier Dock

24x20 fixed dock built on piers

Boat Port

failing boat port piles being replaced with steel Helical pile


Golf cart pathway from boat house to cottage

Driveway and Parking

New driveway and additional parking created

Stone break wall

two layer break wall with live edge steps for entry


Insulation work on boathouse

random granite

granite stone for retaining wall

debris removal

construction debris removal directly into 20 yard bin

Debris removal

used cedar shingles removed in bags

Debris removal

40 yards of construction debris removed into bin at mainland

Debris removal

20 yard bin on barge, low sided and smaller bins available

Debris removal

Wood debris removed from site clearing

Material Delivery

material boomed onto barge at landing

Material Delivery

Aggregate delivery of crushed stone

Material delivery

8 chord of firewood being delivered to island property

Equipment delivery

5 ton excavator being delivered to island work site

Material Delivery

Shoreline restoration with Crib stone

Helical pier installation

Dock foundation install on Muskoka River

Helical Pier Install

Pier installation for dock foundation Muskoka Lake

Helical Pier installation

Dock foundation


Material delivery and placement

Foundation repair

Cement caissons removed and helical pier foundation reinstalled

Pile removal

Removal of Wood piles to facilitate floating dock install

Lake Muskoka

Drainage installation

Lake Muskoka
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